Life is not a continual cycle of bouncing back and forth between pain and pleasure.

Life is an opportunity.

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Yoga Psychology: A System of Self-Discovery

All day long, day after day, stimuli enters in through our senses (and we live in an era where we are bombarded with constant sensation). The stimuli prompt the mind to compartmentalize, contrast, compare, sort through memories, and oscillate into fantasy and imagination, to find reference and meaning of what was experienced. The continual flurry of mental activity can cloud or pollute our perception, leaving us to perceive partial or fragmented information from which we then make choices and take action.

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What Meghan's Students are Saying

Within the first three minutes of meeting Meghan, I knew I had come to the right place. Meghan is the teacher I had been searching for; she is authentically strong, radiantly humble, and divinely grounded, her teachings deeply rooted in the wisdom of the practice as she helps guide you to the higher truth. I always feel consciously elated and genuinely at peace after a class with her. Words can barely describe her magic, once you experience it, you understand.

-Kim Moran