• Yachats Yoga Retreat in Yachats, OR

    The Yachats Yoga Retreat in Yachats, OR is intended to be an opportunity to unplug from your daily routine and restore through practice, community, and incredible food. The influential landscape of the mighty Pacific Ocean as the backdrop for this retreat will serve as an encouraging reminder to wash away the stress of daily living and open ourselves to the natural expansion which occurs when we nourish ourselves.

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  • Yoga Retreat in Yelapa Mexico March 14th - 21st, 2020

    We return again to the beautiful village of Yelapa Mexico. This quaint puebla is accessible only by water taxi. The simplicity of living without cars is a gift in and of itself!

    Our Lodging is beautiful open air palapas set in among bougainvillia, coconut, avocado, and palm trees in a small canyon that leads to waterfall. Our meals are homemade family style vegetarian meals which with fresh juices daily (vegan and gluten free available as well).

    We practice yoga on an open air deck with flocks of birds flying overhead. You will be guided through asana, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, Qi gong, and writing prompts to inspire our self inquiry.

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  • Rest, Renew & Nourish Retreat

    The Rest, Renew & Nourish Retreat is intended to be an opportunity to reset your system through practice, community, and incredible food. The influential landscape of the mighty Pacific Ocean as the backdrop for this retreat will serve as an encouraging reminder to wash away the stress of our daily living and open ourselves to the natural expansion which occurs when we nourish ourselves.

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  • Yoga Psychology: A System of Self-Discovery

    All day long, day after day, stimuli enters in through our senses (and we live in an era where we are bombarded with constant sensation). The stimuli prompt the mind to compartmentalize, contrast, compare, sort through memories, and oscillate into fantasy and imagination, to find reference and meaning of what was experienced. The continual flurry of mental activity can cloud or pollute our perception, leaving us to perceive partial or fragmented information from which we then make choices and take action.

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  • The Ethics of Yoga

    The Ethics of Yoga

    If we hope to eradicate the disparity and injustice that plagues our planet, we must be deeply commited to bring awareness to the internal hidden patterns which we operate from. Hidden in the unconscious mind, these patterns sustain and support these paradigms. Through the lens of the classical ethical guidelines of yoga known as the yamas, we can unvail what is hidden and reconstruct just and equitable paradigms.

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  • Embodying Ahimsa Yoga Retreat at Still Meadows

    Embodying Ahimsa Yoga Retreat at Still Meadows

    Ahimsa is considered the be the fundamental tenet of all the other practices of yoga. Ahimsa asks us to live in harmony with all things. How do we apply such a lofty principle to our lives while living in our modern era that is demanding, complex, and is seemingly obsessed with power and violence?  

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  • Rest & Renew Yoga Retreat

    April10th-12th, 2016

    Cost is $280 (plus room) before and on February 10th, $315 (plus room) after February 10th

    Two nights at the beautiful Oregon coast to slow down, relax, and rejuvenate. The retreat will include 4 yoga classes, guided pranayama, meditation, group acupuncture, meditation walks on the beach, discussion, journaling, mythology, and the ability to book private acupuncture and massage appointments with the healing hands and hearts of Lindsay Buchanan LAc and Lisa Jacobson LMT.

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  • 2015-16 Fall & Winter Workshops, Retreats, & YTT

    40 Days to Transformation
    with Kiara Boch and Meghan Maris
    September 20th – November 1st
    Sundays, 1:15-3p
    $199 (class card for yoga classes sold separately)

    Master Series: The Dance of Duality
    Saturday, September 26th, 1-4:30p

    Foundations of Asana: Building From the Ground Up
    Saturday, October 10th, 4-6p
    $20 advanced/$25 drop-in

    Foundations of Asana: Spacious Center
    Saturday, November 7th, 4-6p
    $20 advanced/$25 drop-in

    Yoga Immersion Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico
    with Sweethome Teacup and Meghan Maris
    November 15th-20th, 2015

    Master Series
    Saturday, December 6th, 1-4:30p

    Foundations of Yoga: The Upward Journey
    Saturday, January 9th, 2016

    Yoga Bhoga Teacher Training 2016
    with Scott Lennartz and Meghan Maris
    January 29th-May 21st

    Rest and Renew Yoga Retreat in Yachats, OR

  • Yoga Immersion in Yelapa Mexico

    A 5 day Yoga immersion in Yelapa, Mexico

    $1000 includes lodging, meals, and 5 fully integrated days of yoga
    Deposit of $350 before October 15th, 2015

    The place:

    Los Nanranjos jungle Retreat is a place to retreat from the everyday world and connect with the Source of all being. Traditional Mexican palapas on four lush acres of natural gardens, Los Naranjos offers the ideal setting for this retreat. Gardens bursting with tropical flowers and fruits, fish ponds, and a waterfall falling into a beautiful, natural swimming pool.

    The Retreat:

    Each day will be filled with a physical practice, mantra meditation, investigations into the philosophy and psychology of Yoga, deeper practices such as pranayama and varied meditations, journaling, mythology and chanting.

    How to get there:

    You fly into Puerto Vallarta and head into the center of the small city. You may choose to come a day early and stay the night in PV. Zona Romantica is an ideal area to stay. At Los Muertos Pier there is a water taxi that takes you to the remote village of Yelapa where the retreat will be. There are no cars, a beautiful pueblo, a playa and bay to swim in, and sweet friendly folks! There are quite a few water taxis throughout the day from PV to Yelapa. You can buy the round trip tickets right at the pier (about $28) We will begin on the 15th in the afternoon and end on the 20th after lunch. There are plenty of small BandB type places if you would like to continue your stay in Yelapa. For more questions and registration contact:

    meghanyoga@gmail.com or Sweethometeacup@gmail.com

    The teachers:

    Sweethome has studied yoga since 1993. Her approach to the practice is her approach to life; devotion, awe, and loving humility. Sound plays a tremendous role in her teaching and she delights in sharing with all.

    Meghan Maris embraces the practice of Yoga with authenticity weaving the philosophy into every practice with great wisdom and kindness. She practices and presents the paths of Karma (service), bhakti (devotion), raja(mystical), and jnana (wisdom).

  • Interconnected Action

    When are eyes open upon waking, we recollect our identity sorting through our memories of the day before, what lies before us, maybe even recalling the residue of the dreams that we were just experiencing. By the time we make it to our first destination, we may realize that we managed to go through the first part of our day on autopilot, not really paying attention to our experience. We ate our breakfast in front of screen denying ourselves the taste and texture of the food that is intended to nourish us. We brushed our teeth as we ran around the house looking for our socks. We meditated with the same habitual thought patterns.

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