Master Series

This winter marks my 15th anniversary as a teacher of yoga. Although teaching has presented me with many different practical and transcendental challenges, I am so deeply honored and grateful that I am able to be a facilitator of the ancient and sacred teachings of yoga.

Over the years, my main platform for teaching has primarily been 90 minute all-level Hatha yoga classes. I adore teaching the open-level classes. I meet wonderful people like you all and the open classes always keep me on my toes. I never know who will be in class or how it will shake out. This requires me to be tremendously present and poised in a way that I am unable to settle into in any other aspect of my life. This is such a gift in itself!

As much as I cherish the open classes, one of my greatest struggles as a teacher has been a sense of limitation of the depth of teaching that I can transmit. I want to go further and I get the feeling that many of you want to, as well.

I am pleased to announce the beginning of a Master Series of workshops that I will be offering. The Master Series will be held four times a year in conjunction with the autumn and spring equinoxes, as well as the winter and summer solstices.

Students can attend any or all of the series. Handouts will be provided and attendees will be encouraged to take notes. I would love to see participants collect handouts and notes in a binder, continuing to build it as they come to future workshops and retreats! Students will continue to grow their knowledge of yoga and create something they can hold on to for future reference.

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