The Alchemy of Love

The Master Series at Yoga Bhoga continues February 7th! This time we will be investigating love as a conscious act. During this 3.5 workshop, there will be a Hatha yoga practice balanced between fluidity and stillness as well as the theoretical examination of the topic.

The theory component will focus on the ancient mythos of love which is deeply and subconsciously engrained in us all. We will also take a look at the love that was modeled to us by our parents and caretakers in our formative years. These two factors form our internalized relationships which influence our current actions and tendencies. When we begin to understand our subconscious wiring, we have the ability to change what leaves us feeling incomplete and diminished. This paves the way to self-love and acceptance. Our new found inner wholeness allows us to meet our beloved from a place of balanced love.

Ultimately, love is the universal elixir that binds us together and elevates us to become compassionate and tolerant towards others. The more altruistic nature of love is the medicine that our world needs in order to heal. For those of us motivated to ensure the future of our planet, we must heal our heart wounds so we can fall back in love with ourselves and the world.

The Master Series is open to all-levels. The intention of the series is to offer a deeper exposure to the practice and power of yoga. Please sign up in advance. I hope to see you there!

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