Interconnected Action

When are eyes open upon waking, we recollect our identity sorting through our memories of the day before, what lies before us, maybe even recalling the residue of the dreams that we were just experiencing. By the time we make it to our first destination, we may realize that we managed to go through the first part of our day on autopilot, not really paying attention to our experience. We ate our breakfast in front of a screen denying ourselves the taste and texture of the food that is intended to nourish us. We brushed our teeth as we ran around the house looking for our socks. We meditated with the same habitual thought patterns.

Our eyes are open, but we are still asleep. Rarely are we in tune with what we are actually doing. Our thoughts, words and actions are scattered into three different directions creating a disconnect to the present moment.

When we think one thing, hear ourselves say something else and then find that we are doing something that is in opposition to what we intended to do and/or what we said we were going to do, we become unreliable to ourselves and to others. This disconnect also sets the stage for us to blame everyone else for what goes wrong and displaces any personal responsibility on to how we may be influencing our outer environment and our relationships.

Yoga is the practice of paying attention. When we give our full attention to each moment, we begin to awaken and expand our consciousness evolving into an active, responsible, and willing participant in our lives. Paying attention is the act of streamlining our thoughts, words and actions into one conscious river of energy. In the state of presence, we notice the sacredness of what we use to perceive as mundane activities. We begin to notice that we are a part of something much bigger than just ourselves. When present, we awaken to the interconnection of all life.

Our awakening inspires us to create a new relationship with life. Falling in love renews a sense of respect and integrity for ourselves providing us the boost to take a new course of action. Our beloved reflects back the divinity that rests within us, inspiring our creativity and vision of new possibilities. Despite the challenge of doing so, our love inspires us to surrender the inflexible parts of our personality to foster something bigger than just ourselves. When we experience true love, we are motivated by what we can give to our beloved, not what we can get from them.

When we view life as a Divine partnership, we begin to realize that we are here to serve, to give, and to love our beloved in all of her names, forms and manifestations. Our relationship with life supports all of our other relationships. In relationship, there must be a steady and balanced flow of giving and receiving. When we aren’t paying attention, we are usually taking. But when we begin to pay attention, we realize that by serving the whole, we are supporting ourselves, as well as, future generations.

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