Embodying Ahimsa Yoga Retreat at Still Meadows

Embodying Ahimsa Yoga Retreat at Still Meadows

Friday September 9th – Sunday September 11th

Ahimsa is considered the be the fundamental tenet of all the other practices of yoga. Ahimsa asks us to live in harmony with all things. How do we apply such a lofty principle to our lives while living in our modern era that is demanding, complex, and is seemingly obsessed with power and violence?  

Although ahimsa is considered to be the fundamental step on the yogic path, we are instinctively designed to be more sensitive to hurt and pain. Living in harmony with ourselves, others, and the natural world requires the effort of cultivating greater awareness. We can consciously expand our awareness by sincerely and intentionally practicing yoga and non-harming in all areas of our lives.

Join me for a 2 day mini-immersion to explore and practice embodying the tenet of non-injury. This will be a prime opportunity to release limiting patterns and create new impressions in the mind for a more harmonious relationship with all things.

Retreat Pricing Details:

Dorm $295
Double $380
Private $465
Couple $740

The prices above reflect the price of the room of your choosing, four yoga classes, meals, writing, interactive discussion, guided pranayama, and meditation. 

There is a 2% charge added to Paypal and credit card payments.

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