The Ethics of Yoga

The Ethics of Yoga

Our speech and our actions are a direct reflection of our thoughts. The yoga ethical guidelines steer our awareness to the intentions which motivate how we speak and behave. When we are clear about our intentions we can make better choices and experience a deeper connection to ourselves, others, and our world. If we hope to eradicate the disparity and injustice that plagues our planet, we must be deeply commited to bring awareness to the internal hidden patterns which we operate from. Hidden in the unconscious mind, these patterns sustain and support these paradigms. Through the lens of the classical ethical guidelines of yoga known as the yamas, we can unvail what is hidden and reconstruct just and equitable paradigms.

We will spend the afternoon discussing the principles of unharming, honesty, not taking what is not ours, conservation of our energy, and not appropriating what is not ours and how to apply these guidelines to our lives. We will also explore practices which render clarity of mind. When the mind is clear, it illuminates all that we do helping us to align our thoughts with our speech and our actions. When this alignement occurs, we are a living expample of being one with the moment. It is only then that we are free of our habitual conditioning and are able to truly see ourselves and the impact of the choices we make. When our awareness expands and clarity dawns we can offer assistance to the larger network of life that we are intricately connected to.

You will leave this workshop with an understanding of the yogic ethical principles, not as idealistic theory, but as a way to live a genuine life which serves to support our world and the immediate need of each of us to take more responsibility for the choices we make.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at Yoga Bhoga from 2:30-4:30

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