Winter Morning Yoga Immersion - The Intention Is Love

The Winter Morning Yoga Immersion is an opportunity to experience your practice in a direct and powerful way. It is a week which holds the potential to deepen your connection to yourself and your purpose. We will counter the coldest months of the year with practices which will warm our body, ground us energetically and open our hearts to examine the ways we collectively and unconsciously block our ability to love unconditionally.

During the week of the Winter Morning Yoga Immersion, we will be practicing Kriya Yoga, or the path of action. Kriya yoga consists of self-discipline, self-study and surrender or letting go. Even in a short period of time, vivid insights can arise through committed and sincere practice. In order for this to occur, it does require that we are accountable to our practice, the study of ourselves and the willingness to let go of the ideas that we cling to which distort our ability to perceive our experiences with clarity. When we are able to let go and create space, we then need to call in a higher frequency so we don’t attract the same patterns which bind us.

Much of modern yoga focuses on technique which is an important foundation for a sound and sustainable practice. However, the top heavy emphasis on the cognitive aspects of practice often keeps us in our heads rather than our hearts. Love is the key ingredient for the practice of yoga to truly permeate into every corner of our lives. If we truly witness the way we relate to others and our environment, we begin to realize how often our actions lack love. Out of fear, we often restrict our ability to give and receive love.

Yoga encourages us to consciously cultivate and express love through our words and actions. The paradox is that we already are a reservoir of limitless love, but due to the various wounds of the lovelessness we experience around us, we block our love from ourselves and the world. We can observe this with our impatience, our snippy remarks, our envious thoughts and all the ways we react from a place of limitation. To love unconditionally is an act of courage and service. There is no guarantee that we will receive the love back which we give, but love is infectious.

As we look towards 2020, more than ever, we need warriors of love to actively deconstruct the lesser self and step into our highest purpose and potential. Our ability to love is unlimited, but to express our love in our actions requires that we make the effort day after day to witness where we block it and practice to unlock it. The Winter Morning Yoga Immersion is for anyone who is looking to connect to their practice and begin the New Year with a clear mind, open heart and ready to demonstrate love in action for the sake of healing ourselves and awakening our collective heart.

Monday, January 6 - Friday, January 10, 2020 6-8 am

Classes meet everyday Monday through Friday January 6th through the 10th.

Early Bird Pricing, registration by December 25th: $108

Registration after December 26th: $132

Yoga Bhoga 1028 SE Water Ave. Suite 265 Portland OR, 97214

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